Town of Little Falls Highway Department
478 Flint Avenue Extension, Little Falls, NY 13365
Garage Phone:  823-3390

Donald Cotton

Headed by Highway Superintendent Don Cotton, the Little Falls Town Highway Crew is comprised of 3 full time, year-round workers, with an additional two part time (seasonal) crew members to assist with wintertime maintenance of  14 of the 15 miles of Town roads, and through a contract with Herkimer County, 17 miles of County roads, as well as an additional 10 miles of State highways, all located within the boundaries of the Town of Little Falls.
Recent energy-saving improvements to the Town Highway Garage undertaken by the Highway crew include installation of new windows. 

Rear view of Highway Garage boasts new windows in older section of building at right.

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The new addition of a state-of-the-art salt shed five years ago has enabled the crew to stockpile an adequate supply of salt and sand to last through a long, harsh winter.

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